Managing Debt
To better understand the needs of residents across Ryedale, we have split the district into areas surrounding the 5 Towns. Click on an area for more information:
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Place Standards
The Place Standard tool lets communities, public agencies, voluntary groups and others find those aspects of a place that need to be targeted to improve people’s health, wellbeing and quality of life. The following items are measured:
  • Feeling Safe
  • Identity and Belonging 

  • Influence & control 

  • Work and Local Economy 

  • Moving Around 

  • Natural Space 

  • Play and recreation 

  • Facilities and amenities 

  • Housing  

  • Public transport  

  • Social Contact 

  • Traffic and parking 

  • Streets and space 

  • Care and maintenance 

As a partnership we hope to conduct a Place Standards study for each of the 5 areas. We are also undertaking GIS Mapping to locate facilities across the District.