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A-Z of youth clubs and activites

North Yorkshire Youth have put together an excellent guide of clubs and activities that young people can access in Ryedale.

North Yorkshire Youth provide positive opportunities across North Yorkshire for children and young people to learn and grow by:

  • Supporting voluntary youth work projects and clubs throughout North Yorkshire

  • Providing and delivering 17 youth clubs in communities across the region

  • Providing a range of exciting and adventurous activities from Carlton Lodge Outdoor Centre

  • Providing training opportunities and workshops for young people and those who work with them

  • Providing and support in volunteering opportunities for young people

  • Mentoring support for young people

  • Offering a volunteer ‘Buddy Scheme’ to support young people one to one in communities across North Yorkshire

Access a copy of the guide below or head over to the NYY website for more information.

An A-Z of Clubs and Projects for Young People in Ryedale
Download PDF • 2.72MB

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