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Food banks in Ryedale

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

If you, or someone in your household, has lost their job as result of the pandemic, you may be finding it hard to pay for food for you and your family.

Ryedale has a number of friendly community organisations who provide food to those who need it. Here are the details:

Ryedale Community Kitchen provides nutritious meals at low costs, delivered by friendly, trained volunteers. There are three deliveries per week: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Twenty per cent of meals are donated to those in greatest need, with additional free meals also sponsored by local organisations from time to time.

Ryedale Foodbank provides vouchers to those most in need so they can access donated food.

Ryedale Free Fridges is a community enterprise that helps to reduce food waste by collecting safely edible fresh foods from local businesses that would otherwise go to landfill or waste disposal.

Ryedale Community Smart Cafes have an innovative scheme where people who buy food and drink can "pay it forward" by leaving a credit behind the till so that those in need can have a hot drink or bite to eat. Community Smart have linked up with Morrisons and Next Steps Cafe in Malton to offer support to families during school holidays.

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