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Ryedale District Council Community Grant Scheme

Funding is still available to any Ryedale community based organisation or group, for projects that make a positive impact on the community owned or managed facilities and activities across the District. Section 106 funding is also available.

Applications will be considered for projects requiring capital (for example buildings or equipment) or revenue funding (for example training or staff costs). The projects considered by the fund can be varied and diverse but must be able to show that they make a positive contribution to at least one of the Council’s stated priorities.

You can apply for up to £5,000, although the maximum grant will be 25% of your project costs. Project costs of up to £1,000 are eligible for 100% of project costs. The amount of grant being requested must be clearly stated on the application form. All applications will be appraised by officers of the Council, and presented to the Council’s Policy and

Resources Committee for approval. The relevant Ward Councilor will also be consulted.

The next application deadline is 3rd September, with a decision to made by 11th November 2021. For more information about the grants and how to apply, head over to the Ryedale District Council Community Grants webpage.

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